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Hello there, I am Kunal Kumar, the Social Media Manager and the Head of the Post Curation Team, most of the post you see in Artventure is generally done by me. Last time you read how the journey of the artventure started. In this post, I am going to tell you about how my journey in artventure started.

So after starting Artventure one day Aman just came up to me and told me about the page and what they were going to do, after listening to him I felt excited about the idea, and then he asked me that if I wanted to work with them and I agreed. At first, my job was only to share the posts in the facebook in other art pages. And I felt pretty bored in doing that work. After a month I talked to Kumar Gaurav and told him that I wanted to work on Instagram as I was getting bored in the sharing the artworks in facebook and he agreed to it. In the beginning, we didn’t take page too seriously, we just posted the artworks not caring about the followers and the likes and the growth, at that time we generally posted 14-16 artworks daily. After a month we paused the idea of Artventure and we thought we will continue it after the 12th boards.

The boards ended and then we thought that let’s now take artventure a bit seriously, and after that, we had a discussion of how to increase the followers and the reach of our account. Our first step was to decrease the no of daily posts. After decreasing the posts we saw an increment in the followers and likes. At that time likes in my posts were more than Gaurav and Aman. So it was decided to make me Head of the Post Curation Team and the Social Media Manager.

Cutting it too short, our main struggle started when we reached 45k. It was like we were totally lost. We didn’t have any clue what was happening, our followers were decreasing day by day.

After a week, we came to know what was happening when Gaurav told in the team discussion day that our account has got Shadowbanned. In the Team Discussion, Gaurav gave the whole team the instructions what had to be done to get out of this problem. We started to do things that won’t harm our account from the continuous changes of the Instagram algorithm.

This had been the first time Artventure faced serious problems, Two of our team Members left the team, it was the big shock for both Gaurav and me, one was the co-founder of Artventure and second was the product developer for Artventure. Start-ups face problems but that doesn’t mean that someone should just fall back instead of facing the problem.

During this time two of our members had to leave us as they couldn’t cope up with the workload due to their personal issues.

We(Me and Gaurav) are thankful to Aman one of our Co-founder to be with us at the beginning, helping Artventure to get started. Also, thanks to Aditya who was working as a Product Developer in our Team. 

Not to lie, I and Gaurav did face some problems initially handling day to day works but we solved that by planning properly and managing accordingly to that.

That’s it for today, more updates and other blog posts are coming soon. Stay tuned 🙂  

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