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Interview with Color By Feliks – INSPIRE ARTVENTURE series-1

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Welcome to Inspire Artventure series first post. I am Kumar Gaurav, you would find me more often here in the blog posts.

Our first Interview starts with a self-taught Artist who has a unique style of painting you may know him by the name colorbyfeliks on Instagram.

His name is Feliks Kaparchuk who lives near Seattle, Washington. He believes that anyone could learn to paint. It doesn’t matter what’s your skill level.

He loves nature and music, you might find him with his guitar many times :p

So let’s get started with the questions that I asked from Feliks.

1) Where do you live? What is the one thing that you love the most, where you live?

Feliks: Originally, I’m from Rostov, Russia. I moved with my family to America in 1996. Now I live near Seattle, Washington. I love the nature and the mountains here.

2) How did you enter the World of Art?

Feliks: It started in elementary school where I first started drawing cars with a pencil. People loved what I was doing so I kept taking art classes and was placed in the after school art program.

My freshman year of high school was when I first tried painting with acrylics. It was hard but I loved the challenge and wanted to become better so I kept practicing and experimenting.

To learn more about the materials, I took some college art/design classes. From there I started discovering my passion for painting which was in 2008.

3) What is the biggest challenge you face professionally?

Feliks: Getting in a good gallery.

4) Who are your biggest influences?

Feliks: God, my wife (Andrea) and other artists who inspire me daily to keep going.

5) How do you manage everything? From Instagram to YouTube and after that You also need to complete the artworks too.

Feliks: Yes, it’s a lot of pressure and hard work to keep up with everything! The only person that helps me is my wife. She takes care of messages, gives me ideas, and keeps me on my feet.

Every day I have a set of goals and projects to be done. I do my best to work ahead so that I won’t be stressed and rushed in trying to get a painting done. There are days when everything goes smoothly and other days when nothing seems to go your way.

And that is why it’s important for me to work ahead. When hard days come, I’m prepared!

6) How do you seek out opportunities?

Feliks: I approach an opportunity and go out of my way to ask for help because I understand I can’t do it alone! I seek places to display my artwork at coffee shops, business buildings, restaurants, galleries, etc. I try to spread my art everywhere. If my studio is full of paintings, I’m not doing my job!

7) How do you build a collector base?

Feliks: I usually make a series of paintings based on a specific subject of a thought/idea.

8) How do you navigate the art world?

Feliks: Honestly, I’m working really hard and I feel like I can do better each day with my time and my paintings. I’m still growing. But to answer the question, I’m always thinking of what my next subject should be.

First, I try to create a masterpiece, not a quick painting to just show people. It’s more important to my wife and I that I do my best on each piece I create.

Secondly, once we feel it’s great, we then look for art pages or magazines that feature artists and we reach out to them for collaboration.

9) How do you price your Artworks? What was the costliest Artwork that you sold and can you tell something about that artwork?

Feliks: This is hard to answer for me. My wife usually helps price my artwork. From what I remember, the most expensive one I’ve sold so far was about $2,600. It was a commission piece and abstract style. Not something I usually paint. People call my art realistic but kinda cartoonish.

So to paint something completely different was a challenge than what I’m used to. I’ve done a few abstract paintings but I can say that I took a lot more time thinking about it and planning than a realistic piece.

10) Which current art trends are you following?

Feliks: dailyart, art_whisper, artsdeal, artistworldy, arts.bliss, artists_center, etc. And these are some out
of many other great art pages that I follow.

That’s all with the questions I shot on Feliks :p

Trust me he is very much friendly. He also helps artists by featuring the recreation of his artworks once a week in his story.

One thing that he suggests everyone is to keep experimenting and try new styles. That’s how you stand out in the world.  

So that’s it with this interview. Let me know in the comments below how your artwork journey is going on?

Let’s talk in the comment section.

The second part of the series is live now: Inspire Artventure series -2

Kumar Gaurav

Kumar Gaurav

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