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Interview with Aleksandar Ilić – Inspire Artventure series- 7

By August 3, 2018One Comment

Hey there, we are back with another great Inspire Artventure series.
This time we have Aleksandar with us for the interview. You can find him on his Instagram at @aleksandar94art

He has a great fan following on his Instagram and his works are amazing. So let’s get’s started to know about his Journey and some tips from his side.

1)Where do you live? What is the one thing that you love the most, where you live?

I live in a village called Filipovici which is not far from the city of Loznica. I love my place most because there is no crowd and people are very pleasant. Also, Loznica is a small town but beautiful.

2) What do you think it likes to be as an artist?

It’s the best job ever when you’re your own boss. I can work whenever I want. 😊


3) Can you tell us about your Art journey, how did it started?

I have always drawn good, and as a child, but I did not have much time to improve my talent. I did my first portrait in 2009 and it was my geography teacher. The drawing was very small in size, like an image for an ID card. The teacher was delighted with the drawing. After that, I did draw a few portraits of famous people, but that was not so detailed. In two or three hours I ended up painting.
After finishing high school, I started to seriously work on drawings and started to work on commissions. So far, I have sent drawings around the world, from America, Europe, Australia …

4) You have amazing skills, what would you advice a beginner artist who has just started out.

I advise all beginners not to give up their goal. Everything can be achieved only needs to be persistent and patient.

5) What problems do you face in Art Profession?

The only problem I had was when the customers did not respect me and did not pay the image I had already done. It happened a few years ago when I started this job. Since then I’ve been doing things in a different way.

6) What are the steps you take from starting an artwork to finishing it?

The first step is a photo that must be of good quality. After that, I’m drawing a grid on the paper, then started contours of the portrait, and deleting the grid, because there may be a confusion of so many squares. After that, I’m moving from the eyes, nose, lips and whole face. I always do this first because it is most important for me to guess the character of the person I draw. (Everyone can find on google how to draw portraits with the grid. This is the best way for the symmetry of the drawings to be good.)

7) Who’s your inspiration?

I find the inspiration in the images I receive as orders or in the pictures I choose. But the biggest inspiration for portraits is definitely the most popular Romanian singer INNA, whom I have already drawn 10 times and 3 drawings are with her.

8) How do you price your Artworks? What was the costliest Artwork that you sold and can you tell something about that artwork?

The price of the drawing depends on the number of people on the picture, the format, place where I send the picture, and the quality of the image I get as a reference. Usually, one portrait with 1-2 characters cost up to 100 euros on a standard A4 format. The most expensive picture was very interesting. It was a project for the spot of the Serbian singer Ana Kokic. It’s about the human eye that has tears and where there are twigs and clouds in the pupil. The image was made on 5 wooden pillars of different heights and only from one point, the observer was able to see the entire folded image. I worked on the painting with acrylic paint. The price of this painting was 500 euros. I enjoyed it while I was creating.

9) How did you find your style of doing the artworks?

I mostly like to work with graphite and find myself in this technique. But I also like to work with coloured pencils. It is a completely different drawing technique.

10) What are your future goals?

My goal is to improve my technique and make my drawings even more realistic because I know this is possible. Of course, I would like to make an exhibition of paintings one day.

So that’s it with the questions, what we came to know from his interview is that you never stop learning new things and improving in that every day because that’s what makes you ahead of others.


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