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Hola Artventurists, we paused our Interview day and other Days for a month because our team was focussed on working on our new product, It’s the Wallpaper Day phone covers a dedicated post will be soon live on it.
Good news is that Artventure achieved another milestone of 90K followers on Instagram.
So today, we have with us Jovy Meryl you might know her by the name “aquarryl” She is great in watercolor artworks and I am sure you would fall in love with those artworks.
But here’s the unique thing that she does “Inspire Hope” This Project is born to help Cancer Pediatric Patients to continue their fight with the perfect brightness of hope and love.
Inspire Hope defines Therapeutic Art as an advocacy.
In this, they use Art as a primary means of communication, which turns out to be useful for those who have difficulties due to physical, mental and emotional conditions.

Also, we asked some question from Jovy that would let you know more about her:

1) Where are you from and what’s the one thing that you like the most of that place?
I am currently residing in Singapore. Singapore is very particular with sustainable development as what I’ve understood and experienced during my stay here since 2010. I admire how they meet the needs of current situation without compromising nature and keeping in mind of what the future might need.

2) When did you start painting?
I started painting (or art in general) late 2016.

3) What is the meaning of art for you?
Art is my way of communicating stories, dreams and desires I can’t find words to narrate with.

4) What’s your favorite color? Any reason behind it?
I guess purple. Not sure why but I am attracted to that color since young.

5) What is the average time that you take to complete your artwork?
Drying time included? Around 1 hour average per piece

6) What’s the best advice for beginners who are just getting into watercolors?
Enjoy the process and you’ll love every piece you’ll ever make.

7) What is Inspire hope all about?
I love this question!!!
Inspire Hope is an organization that was born to help pediatric cancer patients to continue their fight with brightness and hope. We are trying to spread how therapeutic art is most specially for children.

8) What are your future plans and what are you doing to achieve that?
I want to be a painter and I am going to paint every day until it happen.

So that was with this post, we hope you got some inspiration from the works of Jovy.
Saying that Artventure is going to be more exciting in the coming days. Stay tuned with us on our Instagram.
Kumar Gaurav

Kumar Gaurav

I am the Founder and CEO of Artventure. You would find me in the articles that are to discuss Artventure's Future goals and new Updates that would be coming.

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