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Interview with David Dias โ€“ Inspire Artventure series -4

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Welcome to our fourth series of Inspire Artventure.
If you missed the previous one you can read it here:ย Interview with Shierly Arts

So this time I am with David Dias, I first saw his post when it came up on the explore page.

It was an artwork of Assassin’s Creed. He does his work with perfection, Don’t believe my words? Here is one of his works.

Okay, So I have asked some questions which will let you know more about him, Let’s get into that ๐Ÿ™‚

1) Where do you live? What is the one thing that you love the most, where you live?

I live in Campinas – Brazil, I was born and raised here and one of the things I really like about here it’s the nature, we have plenty of beautiful places.

2) How did you enter the World of Art?

By a mere coincidence, the short version is that one of my cousins was living with us a few years ago (2013), she was struggling to make a simple drawing so I decided to help her, since I made that first drawing I’ve never stopped drawing anymore.

3) What is the biggest challenge you face professionally?

Recognition… Which is a problem that most of the the artists also face, but I live in a country where most people doesn’t value art, so for artists who live here like me this is the biggest challenge.

4) Who are your biggest influences?

I admire the work of many artists our there, when I started working with colors I used to look at the drawings of Samuel Saito and try to draw just like him, but there’s many others which I use to look at their work and tried to learn some of their techniques.

5) How do you manage everything? From Instagram to YouTube and after that You also need to complete the artworks too.

I have to admit that I’m a little bit bad at managing all of that by myself, sometimes I spend a long time without posting videos on YouTube, and when it comes to the messages I receive… I’m terrible at replying them… But I don’t do it on purpose! It’s simply too much for one person to manage

6) What do you think it takes to be successful as an artist?

Depends on many factors, but you surely have to do a quality work, make something pretty and you’ll start impressing people around you, there’s no mystery, you have to build up your name, it takes time and in the beginning its very complicated, but you have to insist, always improve and reinvent yourself.. and don’t give up, sounds very clichรฉ, but it works eventually!

7) Where do you get inspiration from, for your artwork?

I can’t say I get inspiration from an specific thing, it depends on my mood, sometimes when I’m happy the inspiration comes and I decide to draw, sometimes I don’t have the inspiration, but when you have to live from art (like me) and you remember that you have bills to pay, that can be a big motivation to work even more! Haha

8) How do you handle the backlash from various accounts? That’s one of the biggest problem faced by artists.

I try to focus on my work, everyone faces that eventually, but you have to learn how to deal with it, it really doesn’t affect me, I’ll keep focusing on doing my part.

9) How do you price your Artworks? What was the costliest Artwork that you sold and can you tell something about that artwork?

I don’t put high prices on my work, but it’s relative, depends from person to person, some people think they’re very cheap, some others think they’re expensive. But one of them was of “Triss Merigold” (from the game “The Witcher”), I really loved doing that one and it was in a size bigger than usual, so I had to sell it for a higher price.

10) What is your dream project?

To become better, improve myself and my skills. Since I started, art has brought so many good things and good people into my life, and usually some people say that I’m an influence to them.. So I want this to keep happening, keep working hard, expand my art, maybe work with something more “professional” in the future.. But the future is only consequence of what you do now, so I always try to do my best ๐Ÿ™‚

So that’s it with the question, What we learned from David is that it takes time to become a successful Artist, you need to work hard and focus on what matters. Don’t get disappointed if you don’t have many followers, be dedicated one day the hard work would be worth it.

So this weekend what are you doing to build your empire? Let’s talk in the comment section below.


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