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Interview with Sabrina Rupprecht – Inspire Artventure series -5

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Hello and Welcome to our fifth series of Inspire Artventure.

If you missed the previous one you can read it here: Interview with David Dias

We have a special artist today who draws her artworks with pink colors in her theme named “Pink Safari”, her name is Sabrina Rupprecht.

Without wasting much time, let’s get into the question which I asked from her.

1) Where do you live? What is the one thing that you love the most, where you live?

Sabrina: I currently live between South Africa, the USA and Germany, spending equal amounts of time in each country. Each place has its own charme and advantages, however Cape Town (South Africa) is where I’ve lived for over 11 years since 2006 and therefore it feels the most like home to me. I love the spectacular nature of South Africa the most.

2) How did you start your Art Journey?

Sabrina: As a child, growing up in the mostly rainy countryside of Germany, art was my happy place where I could create a fantasy world in bright and happy colours which lifted my mood.

My father suffered from a heart condition and family life was difficult at the time, so art became my refuge from the tough reality I was facing in my childhood. Of course, the more I painted, the better I became at it and drawing/painting quickly became my favorite hobby and much later my dream job.

3) From where do you get inspiration for your artworks?

Sabrina: My current theme is ‘Pink Safari’ which is a collection of paintings that was inspired by my own travels through Africa. It portrays close-up images of African wildlife which I was fortunate to observe with my own eyes during a year long journey through eleven countries in Africa.

It is close to my heart to raise awareness of endangered wildlife and actively help in wildlife conservation by donating a percentage of sales profits.

4) What’s with the pink specific artworks? Can you explain a bit?

Sabrina: Psychologically, pink is the colour of compassion, love and sensitivity… the purity of white combined with the passion of red. In advertising, pink is used to motivate action which is exactly what I am trying to achieve.

My aim is raise awareness of endangered wildlife and actively help in wildlife conservation while also to giving these animals an intensity and powerful expression through my choice of colours. The Pink Safari series calls for us as humans to understand the vulnerability of these animals, to be compassionate and to protect them.

5) What challenges do you face in your Art profession?

Sabrina: I think a lot of artists face the challenge of fearing to be judged. Unlike in non-creative professions, being an artist of any kind means that you’re pouring your heart and soul into your work and being rejected shoots right back into those two places.

It’s like opening up your secret journal for the world to read and it’s scary to think you might be misunderstood or criticized.

6) Who are your biggest influences?

Sabrina: I look up to artists that live their life through their art, who create, because they can’t live without creating. The kids in grown up bodies, who would be painting every day even if they never earned a cent from it. They are the people I feel most comfortable with and they make my heart smile.

7) If you had a chance to take a wish what it would be?

Sabrina: That’s such a difficult question, I am thinking of a million things! But I guess it all boils down to one thing: I wish that I will be able to stay as healthy and happy as I am, because if I can manage to do that, I’ll be able to make all my other wishes come true.

8) Was there any tough time during your art journey? How did you overcome that?

Sabrina: Just like any self employed person, I think the pressure of having no income but a lot of expenses for an uncertain amount of time before you possibly sell anything is difficult. It’s not easy to convince yourself and the people close to you that a career in art is a wise choice.

Believing in yourself and staying motivated even when things don’t go smoothly is not easy, but absolutely crucial. When I wake up I tell myself every day that even if I never sell a single painting again in my life I still love what I do. At least I’m happy with how I spend my time. This simple thought keeps me going and always will.

9) Do you sell your artworks? How do you price it?

Sabrina: Monetizing my art did not come naturally to me, I constantly undervalued my own work. It helped me to speak to people who have been working in the art industry for many years. Different gallery owners or art dealers will give you different feedback about how you should price your art.

At the end of the day they are the ones who know their clients, and have a realistic idea about the sale. But what shocked me was the giant cut of up to 50% commission that they keep as a ‘reward’ to sell your work. I never felt the justice in that, considering that a sports manager earns between 4% to 10% of a professional athlete’s salary he represents.

10) What do you think it takes to be successful as an artist?

Sabrina: The number one key element to any success I believe is perseverance. And that leads me to number two, which is: Believing in yourself even when no one else does. You can only keep going if you are truly convinced that what you do will be successful. You need to be 100% in love with what you create, before anyone else can fall in love with it.

It’s the end of the questions that I asked from Sabrina, what we learnt from her is that you need to be determined also love and believe in what you do, everything takes time so don’t lose your confidence in the early stage. 

So what’s your style of doing artworks? Let me know in the comments below.

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