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Interview with Shierly Arts – Inspire Artventure series -3

By June 29, 2018No Comments

So here we are with the third part of Artventure Inspire Series.

If you missed the second part, it’s here: Inspire Artventure series -2

This time we have an artist from Indonesia, you know her by the name shierly_arts on Instagram. Her name is Shierly Lin.

Shierly had many struggles, but nothing stops her. She is one of the popular Hyperrealism artist on Instagram. Not wasting much time, let’s get into the questions I asked from Shierly.

1) Where do you live? What is the one thing that you love the most?

Shierly: I live in Indonesia. I love art, especially drawing.

2) How did you enter the World of Art?

Shierly: Since childhood I loved to sketch anything (especially human — later portraits), so when I was in Grade 4, my parents called a private drawing teacher to teach me more for some years and then I developed it myself.

3) What is the biggest challenge you face professionally?

Shierly: The biggest challenge for me is how my drawings keep being known to many among many great artists all over the world and focus on how to keep producing good quality drawings with a single eyesight. Honestly, I’m struggling with my right eye problem where due to eye doctor’s malpractice in 2008, I had a retinal detachment, and currently I only have a single eyesight, but thanks to God, He always give me strength to keep doing my passion in drawing. I always put my hope in God, be grateful for everything in my life, keep pursuing my dreams and never give up.

4) Who are your biggest influences?

Shierly: My Parents

5) How do you manage everything? From Instagram to YouTube and after 
that You also need to complete the artworks too.

Shierly: Currently I’m a full-timer sketch artist. Mostly when I sketch celebrities I recorded the process and then post it to my social medias. I also do commissioned drawing. I keep balancing between my own projects and portrait drawing orders.

6) How do you approach Celebrities? We have seen you with Indian celebrities on many of your Instagram posts. 

Shierly: I always love to sketch portraits, especially celebrities whom the series/movies I loved to watch and also public figures that I admire. I sketched n posted the process and final drawing on my social medias such as instagram, facebook, youtube, twitter. And then they noticed my works and contacted me through my social medias and E-mail. That’s truly a blessing from God.

7) Where do you get inspiration from, for your artwork?

Shierly: My inspiration mostly comes from my favorite TV series & movies, public figures that I admire.

8) How do you handle the backlash from various accounts?
That’s one of  the biggest problem faced by artists.

Shierly: I usually don’t respond them. Just keep silent and keep doing my work.

9) How do you price your Artworks? What was the costliest Artwork that you sold and can you tell something about that artwork?

Shierly: I price my artworks based on the detail quality and the timing of the drawing. I don’t sell my celebrities drawing, but I do commissioned drawing.

10) What is your dream project?

Shierly: I dream to produce more of hyperrealism drawings, and have my own art exhibition someday.

That’s the end of the questions I asked from Shierly.
From Shierly we learnt that Dedication is the key to accomplish your own dreams. What’s your dream? How are you accomplishing it?
Let’s talk in the comment section.

Kumar Gaurav

Kumar Gaurav

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