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Artventure, All you need to know about..

By May 28, 2018June 8th, 2018No Comments

The start of the Journey.

It all started one day when my friend Aman Gupta and I decided that we should do something that could be different from other kids around. Aman agreed and that is the time when the idea for Artventure was born. That time we only figured out to share artworks of Artists.

We were so excited and motivated, we both started to think names for the company. “Artivity, Artventure” we got confused with these names. We decided to get a vote from our friends and you guessed right Artventure was the name got most votes.

Next was planning on getting artists for our platform. We started to first check our Facebook profiles for the artists that might be on our list. Luckily we find some and we started the page.

I still laugh at the first logo that was chosen for the Artventure. That time we both were young and had very less Techincal knowledge about making a logo. So guess what we did? Haha, that right got a one from the internet. :p

But soon after few months, we noticed that our Facebook Page was not getting much growth as much we were working hard. Yes, that’s the time when we shifted to Instagram.

We never knew we would get this much lovely followers and journey of the Artventure is still on.

We will not stop until we accomplish our Goals.

See you guys in the next post. I will be updating this post regularly whenever there’s some new step added to our Journey.

Kumar Gaurav

Kumar Gaurav

I am the Founder and CEO of Artventure. You would find me in the articles that are to discuss Artventure's Future goals and new Updates that would be coming.

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